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This Karate Class is a mixed class and all levels are welcome.

Due to the nature of this class having White Belts training alongside Black Belts, we quite often break up into different groups so the more seasoned students can move forward with their technique, whilst those less experienced Karateka have the opportunity to work at their pace as well. There are advantages of mixed classes in that the lower ranks always have to ‘rise to the challenge’ of working alongside higher ranks.
Some advantages of a mixed class include:

  • Parents and children can train together
  • Young or less experienced Karateka often maintain focus better when in with older kids/adults – rather than just peers their own age
  • Children tend to like work above their level

Some of the content we cover in this class:
Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced techniques covering

  • Self Defense
  • Kicking, striking, blocking & punching
  • Stances, distancing and footwork
  • Throws, sweeps & takedowns
  • Kata & Kumite (Sparring)

We regularly use the japanese language while instructing so students will gradually learn some of the language as part of their training.

All Karateka that train in our style are assessed on exactly the same areas of competence regardless of whether they are children or adult students.

This ensures consistency in rankings across the Club. Naturally an adult will comprehend things a little more precisely than younger children, and be able to apply more strength and power, but at this stage we really want to concentrate on technically ‘clean’ technique over strength, speed or power.

Classes in Narromine are only on Wednesday night so we encourage you to train all classes on the Wednesday night.
This will help ensure that you progress at a reasonable level.

Some students travel across to train in Dubbo as well when possible.
Training several times a week keeps things fresh in your mind and certainly improves your knowledge and ability faster.

Class Trainer

Hanshi Mike Ireland

With over 40 years experience in Martial Arts. Hanshi Michael Ireland is well versed in...


Class Information

Time: 5:30pm to 8:30pm
When: Wednesday
Where: Narromine USMC