On Saturday 17th December Jordan Yeo who trains at the Dubbo TE ASHI KAI SHIN KARATE Dojo competed in his first Boxing matchup. Jordan fought a very composed bout over 3 x 2 minute rounds. His young opponent from Newcastle made his Boxing debut as well and did his team very proud. Jordan was able to stamp his authority on the bout early on with some decisive scoring. He used his guard well to avoid some decent blows early on and his much improved fitness helped him stay active throughout the entire bout. Jordan’s opponent Luca had a big heart and showed no sign of quitting. Young Luca managed to sneak in some very solid blows in the later rounds. It was a great matchup organised by Robert ‘Gummy’ Toomey from Pound for Pound Boxing Dubbo. In the end it was a very close bout and ended in a ‘Split Decision’ with Jordan announced ‘WINNER!’

Jordan has been training hard in Karate classes for some time now and that has provided a good base on which to build his Boxing technique.
Success is quite often a direct result of effort and commitment and Jordan – you have proved that!

A Big ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ to Jordan and the team that has helped him prepare for this Boxing Bout in particular – Boxing Trainer: Renshi Kym Ireland, Ben Hunt & Renshi George Sayers and to all Jordans’ training partners, family and friends that have encouraged him along the way.

Well it is that time of year again.. TAKS Tournament is on September 18th so make sure you have your entry forms handed in.

There is an event and division to suit your regardless of your age, rank or experience. Tournaments are a great way for Martial Artists
to come together to test their skills. The tournament will be held at the Dubbo PCYC as per usual. We are looking forward to some very competitive divisions featuring Martial Artists from Dubbo, Narromine, Orange, Sydney and the Gold Coast.

We will also be hosting our friends from the land of the long white cloud… that’s right the Kiwi’s will be battling it out again in what shoudl be another great day
of Kata, Weapons, Budo (Demonstration) & Kumite (Fighting).

There are also some fun events for the kids like Sumo & Sword Fighting.
There is still time to enter and you can pay on the day of the tournament.
The Tournament will commence at 9:00am, be sure your are there by 8:00am for registration/payment prior to the day commencing.

black belt grading july 2016

We are pleased to announce we now have 3 new Black Belts in the club. Sempai Jayden Webb, Sempai Isaac & Sempai Stan Hanrahan. Both Isaac & Stan are based in Narromine and train at the Narromine USMC. They also travel to Dubbo regularly to train as well. All participants at the Grading showed great endurance, committment and perserverance. (more…)


Not everyone wants to be a fighter – but we encourage you to

train like one!

Boxing on Saturday mornings is fast paced and a great workout for any age or fitness level.
With a mix of men, women and children attending and training hard. This class is sure to build your stamina and endurance with circuit style training, boxing pad work, heavy bags and of course Boxing technique.

We throw in a lot of ‘technique’ so you can take your Boxing to the next level.

We spend time focusing on footwork, distancing, tactics and ringcraft.

Those who are keen can work up to sparring in a safe and controlled environment. There are no hero’s or big egos to worry about…

See you at Boxing…
regards Shihan Kym