OHanshi & Hanshi Mike Ireland

Why people choose our Club…

There are many things you should consider prior to joining a Karate Club. Training Karate is a big commitment, so finding a good club with experienced Instructors and dedicated, caring senior members is really important. You will feel more than welcome at any of our classes.

Our Origins

Te Ashi Kai Shin Australasian Karate Do was founded in 1988 by Hanshi Michael Ireland (Sensei at the time) Our Club maintains a very close association with the International Karate Association Inc (I.K.A.) through Grand Master 9th Dan HANSHI Te Rupe and our Supreme Grand Master (founder of I.K.A.) 10th Dan SOKE KUBOTA.

We have Shotokan Karate roots and still train Shotokan Kata as well as many Kata unique to our own recognized style. We promote a strong emphasis on the old world values of Karate, encompassing discipline, mutual respect, traditional training methods and utilise the Japanese language in depth in delivering our classes. We train in traditional weaponry and their application.

Our Approach

Our students have competed at Regional, State, National & International Karate Tournaments in Kata and also Kumite. We use Karate Tournaments as an opportunity to test & fine tune our technique against other Karateka and their respective styles. Over the years our Karateka have competed successfully across all styles of Tournament Combat such as Point Kumite, Continuous Kumite, KOSHIKI (Full Contact with headgear & Chest plate), Kickboxing and of course Full Contact Karate (No Protective Gear)
We do not focus on the 'Sport Karate' aspect solely. Being able to compete successfully and perform at a high level is the result of hard work and commitment to your Karate.

Our Philosophy

We value traditional principles and train Shotokan, Gosuku Ryu & Gosuku Kai Kata as well as our own unique Kata. We place a strong emphasis on the old world values of these systems, encompassing discipline, mutual respect & traditional training methods.
We utilise the Japanese language in delivery of our classes. We train in traditional weaponry and we observe the fine details and traditions of this ancient Martial Art so as not to dilute it's integrity.

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