Club T-Shirts Now Available!

TAKS T-Shirts $35.00
Show your Club Colours in the new TAKS Karate Club Shirts. At $35 they are reasonably priced and will look awesome!The Shirts are in ‘Charcoal’ colour to get away from the boring whites and old style royal blue shirts. The slim fit style was chosen for adults to be fresh and contemporary. There are also the standard square cut style shirts who don’t like the ‘Slimmer fit’ style.


Worth Mentioning

“The Design & Printing process is done using heat. The inks are rubber based and don’t like to be ironed directly onto. So just turn the shirt inside out to iron. Most cotton shirts do not like to go into a dryer either. This should ensure you get a great life out of the shirts. Although they are lighter weight they are not lighter quality and should last quite a while.”

The shirts have been designed and manufactured by Renshi Kym and we think they look great! Can’t wait to see everyone decked out in them. OSU!

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