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The Boxing Fitness class suits people aged 5yrs up to adults

In this mixed aged class we start with simple principles of stances, defending & punching techniques.
We look to develop good posture and positive training habits. There are several families that all do this class.
It’s a fun and pretty relaxed atmosphere – but we do work hard in this class – even our little ones train hard!

We continue on with building and maintaining in a disciplined environment.
Some elements for participants in this class include:

  • Fitness, endurance and strength conditioning
  • Skipping
  • Individual & partnered training
  • Cardio fitness
  • Boxing pad work
  • Heavy boxing bag work
  • Footwork distancing and timing drills
  • Timed round circuit style training

There is no grading or ranking system associated with this class. Naturally an adult will comprehend things a little more precisely than younger children, and be able to apply more strength and power, but at this stage we really want to concentrate on technically ‘clean’ technique over strength, speed or power.

The class starts at 9am and generally runs for around 60 Minutes for the ‘Fitness’ component. After 10am those interested in working on more advanced combinations on the pads, heavy bags or partnered can stay and work on areas they choose. The more experienced boxers will then spar (light contact boxing) in a safe environment. There are no heroes or big egos so you can learn and develop your technique whilst feeling safe and not concerned about injury.

For the more committed boxers who may look to actually fight in the ring, this class is a must as it is great for fitness.
Our Monday class focuses more on actual ring-craft, timing, distance, footwork, tactics and strategy.

We find many of the club’s Karateka doing this class as well as it is really compliments their other Karate classes.

Class Trainer

Shihan Kym Ireland

Shihan Kym brings over 30 years of experience in Martial Arts to his students and...


Class Information

Time: 9:00am to 10:30am
When: Saturday
Where: Karate Dojo Upstairs PCYC Dubbo