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The Karate Beginners Class is designed for children from 6yrs up to adults

In this mixed aged class we start with simple principles of stances, blocking, striking, kicking and punching techniques.
We look to develop good posture and positive training habits. We continue on with building and maintaining in a disciplined environment.
Some key points of focus for students in this class include:

  • Good etiquette and emphasis on discipline & focus
  • Mutual respect
  • Introducing the Japanese culture, it’s language and Karate ‘terminology’
  • Learning fundamental techniques and their application
  • Basic Self Defense Techniques & methods
  • We discuss the concepts of avoiding dangerous situations, dealing with Bullying and ‘Stranger Awareness’

All Karateka that train in our style are assessed on exactly the same areas of competence regardless of whether they are children or adult students.
This ensures consistency in rankings across the Club. Naturally an adult will comprehend things a little more precisely than younger children, and be able to apply more strength and power, but at this stage we really want to concentrate on technically ‘clean’ technique over strength, speed or power.

Generally students will remain in this Beginners Karate Class until they reach around Green Belt.
Many of our students train in several classes each week. We suggest that you train at least 2 classes per week.
This will help ensure that you progress at a reasonable level.

Training several times a week keeps things fresh in your mind and certainly improves your knowledge and ability faster.

Class Trainer

Hanshi Mike Ireland

With over 40 years experience in Martial Arts. Hanshi Michael Ireland is well versed in...


Class Information

Time: 5:00pm to 6:00pm
When: Tuesday - Thursday
Where: Dubbo PCYC