Class details

The Junior Karate class is designed for children from 4-5yrs of age.

In this class we focus on all the fundamentals exactly as we would with adult students. Children
In the early stages of learning Martial Arts we teach simple principles of good stance and technique, good posture and create some good habits that are conducive to learning in a disciplined environment.
Some key points of focus for students in this class include:

  • Good etiquette
  • Mutual respect
  • Appreciating and learning Japanese customs – like our ‘bow in’ & ‘bow out’ procedure
  • Learning fundamental techniques and their application
  • Introducing the Japanese culture, it’s language and Karate ‘terminology’

Our 4 & 5 year olds are assessed on exactly the same areas of competence as we expect from our adult students.
This ensures consistency in rankings across the Club, regardless of age.

Depending on a child’s attitude, attention span and skills progression/development they may stay in this class till around Yellow 2 Tip or Green Belt rank.
We quite often have more experienced and higher ranking Karateka come along and train in this class as well, so it gives the up and coming Karateka a chance to train with the older students in an environment that is familiar for them, before they migrate into the bigger classes. The transition is generally seamless and the bigger classes are always welcoming and accommodating to the newer members.

Class Trainer

Hanshi Mike Ireland

With over 40 years experience in Martial Arts. Hanshi Michael Ireland is well versed in...


Class Information

Time: 4:00pm to 5:00pm
When: Tuesday -Thursday
Where: Dubbo PCYC